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Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com  Terms and Conditions User License Agreement:

(Limit of one station/person/production company per purchased audioproductions).

Please read this document carefully before purchasing the Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs associated with this end-user license agreement (EULA).

This EULA is a legal agreement that grants you (licensee) the use of one Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs within certain limitations. It also contains important information on warranty issues and liability disclaimers. When buying a audioproductions from Radiojingle.nl/ radioimaginshop.com , based in The Netherlands (licensor), you must agree to the terms of this EULA between you (individual or entity) and Radiojingle.nl/ radioimaginshop.com . By downloading and buying the audioproductions, you understand that you are bound to the terms stated in this agreement. If you do not wish to be bound by this license, do not buy the Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com  Audioproductions.

This license is non-exclusive, and allows for usage of the elements of the audioproductions purchased by you only in the specific manner described in this license. All sounds are created and owned by Radiojingle.nl/ radioimaginshop.com . The licensee acknowledges and agrees that all rights, including copyright of the Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com  Libraries, are owned solely by Radiojingle.nl/ radioimaginshop.com , The Netherlands. The licensee agrees and accepts that failure to comply, without prior written approval of licensor, is a breach of contract and the licensor’s consent for the use of the audioproductions shall automatically terminate.

This license extends for as long as the sound effects and music is used by you; however, Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com  may immediately terminate this license if you violate any of the terms and conditions contained herein.

All elements of your Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs are royalty-free and may be used for any (broadcast) production, podcast, video game and movie. You may use the Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs for your own productions, but you may not sub-license, transfer, resell, or repackage the elements in any manner to any third party. The Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs may be distributed only within produced work of the licensee, and shall not be sold, rented, or leased in whole or in part. The elements may not be used or resold as commodities in themselves.

You may only use and/or resell elements of the Radiojingle.nl/ radioimagingshop.com audioproducs when they are used as part of a media production where the original element is part of the production and will not appear as the only original element. The elements may not be traded or exploited for profit or for any other reason.

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