Atmospheric Backsells vol. 1



Atmospheric Backsells help you as a radio jock to create those exciting, magic radio moments. Make it epic and immersive. Stimulate the imagination of your listeners. Ignite the spark of your radio show.

Extra: Mixed in Key ready!

For the more musically minded radio jocks, these backsells can also be harmonically blended with the music to play in the show. Especially for that we provided the tonal key information in both normal notation and for Mixed in Key users, the “Camelot” notation. Those who have analysed their music collection can easily combine Atmospheric Backsells with key-matching music tracks.

You can listen all the full demos below.


Dutch Demo:


Atmospheric Backsells vol. 1 Full Demos:

(low quality, audio watermarked)

01. The Arrival (key: Amin/8A)

02. Enter the Pleasuredome (key: Cmin/5A)

03. Lo-Fi Fairytale (key: Gmin/6A)

04. Stellar Story (key: Gmaj/9B)

05. Sparkling Solstice (key: Amin/8A)

06. Orbital Breeze (Bending Basslines)(key: Gmaj/9B)

07. Plectral Spring (key: Emin/9A)

08. Ministry of Darkness (key: Cmin/5A)

09. A Galaxy of Imagination (key: Fmaj/7B)

10. Lost Between Time and Space (key: Dmin/7A)

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