About Us

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RadioImagingshop.com is the solution if you are looking for unique, cool, up-to-date radio imaging.We are an audio production company from the Netherlands, working together with Radiojingle.nl. The specialist in making jingles, commercials, other audio and providing voice-overs. With knowledge of the business and because we are always used to respond to high needs of our customers we are able to deliver quality.

Together with a group of the best audio engineers / producers from Europe, we sat down to see what we wanted to offer. From this we came to the conclusion that we would like:

  • To deliver affordable audio of high quality
  • No rights, so commercial-free (Buy-out)
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Contemporary
  • And customizable by in-house designers. So you can easily edit and shape it for your own station/ program/ etc.

Also, in addition to providing standard audio productions, we are also able to do custom made productions for you. Think about the following:

  • Restyling jingle packages 
  • Mastering of various audio (also bare recordings of voiceover/ make them sound really good)
  • Powerintro’s
  • Beds, Beats and more.

Frank Koster

Frank Koster is 1 of the producers and co-founders of radioimagingshop.com, in addition to this he is also the owner of Radiojingle.nl. With over 20 years of experience in the radio audio production industry. Many commercials, radio imaging, sound FX and other productions have been produced from his studio over the past 2 decades.

Production for the following companies:

McDonalds, Jumbo, MediaMarkt, Albert Heijn, Van Gils and Apple.

Sound Designer for:

Audiosweets, Radiojingle.nl and Little Monster Media

Radio Stations:

Dolfijn FM, Radio NL, Decibel, Radio Continue, Radio 8FM, SOB FM, RTV Oost, Tukker FM,  Twente FM, Accent FM, Dance Radio Den Haag, Radio 350, Schagen FM, Pop Rock FM, News Internet Radio, LOS den Helder, Maasduinen Centraal, Cube FM, Omroep Noos, Midland FM, Regio FM, Loco FM, AFM, Hoi FM, Zo34!, Jouw Radio.be, Q-sound Radio and many radio stations.