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Radioimagingshop - Products

RadioImagingshop.com is the solution if you are looking for unique, cool, up-to-date radio imaging.We are an audio production company from the Netherlands, working together with Radiojingle.nl. The specialist in making jingles, commercials, other audio and providing voice-overs. With knowledge of the business and because we are always used to respond to high needs of our customers we are able to deliver quality.

Together with a group of the best audio engineers / producers from Europe, we sat down to see what we wanted to offer. From this we came to the conclusion that we would like:

  • To deliver affordable audio of high quality
  • No rights, so commercial-free (Buy-out)
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Contemporary
  • And customizable by in-house designers. So you can easily edit and shape it for your own station/ program/ etc.

Also, in addition to providing standard audio productions, we are also able to do custom made productions for you. Think about the following:

  • Restyling jingle packages 
  • Mastering of various audio (also bare recordings of voiceover/ make them sound really good)
  • Powerintro’s
  • Beds, Beats and more.

Radiojingle.nl - Jingles and commercial productions